Photo of Adam Cobb

Adam Cobb

Assistant Professor of Management

Research Interests: work and employment, income inequality, corporate ownership, retirement, human resources, welfare privatization, corporations and society, labor history

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  • Tyler Wry, Adam Cobb, Howard E. Aldrich (2013), More than a metaphor: Assessing the historical legacy of resource dependence and its contemporary promise as a theory of environmental complexity, Academy of Management Annals, 7 (1), 439 - 486.  
  • Gerald F. Davis, Adam Cobb (2010), Corporations and economic inequality around the world: the paradox of hierarchy. In A. Brief & B. M. Staw (Eds.), Research in Organizational Behavior  
  • Gerald F. Davis, Adam Cobb (2010), Resource dependence theory: past and future, Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 28: 21-42.