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Adam Cobb

Assistant Professor of Management

Research Interests: work and employment, income inequality, corporate ownership, retirement, human resources, welfare privatization, corporations and society, labor history

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Address: 2027 SH-DH, 3620 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215) 898-0990
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Adam Cobb’s research examines the historical development and reconfiguration of the employment relation. He is currently examining how corporate-financed welfare benefit plans help structure and support the relationship between workers in firms, how those structures have changed, and the ways in which individuals understand and respond to the changing nature of work. A second focus is on the role corporate disaggregation has played in rising income inequality in the U.S. over time. An over-arching theme in Adam’s research is examining the ways in which organizations can serve as promulgators of social change.


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MGMT 104:  Industrial Relations & Human Resource Management

The focus of Management 104 is the economic and institutional constraints on organizations in the formulation and implementation of human resources management policies and strategies in the United States and, as appropriate, internationally. The specific constraints discussed are labor markets (external and internal), labor laws (governing employment policies and employee relations), and labor unions (and the threat thereof). Particular attention is paid to the relationship of these constraints to the competitiveness of American enterprise in the global economy.



  • MGMT104 - Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management

    This undergraduate core course introduces students to a combination of basic concepts and timely topics around work and employment. As such, it is divided into two main sections and two quarters within each of those. The first main section deals with micro-level work issues, while the second main section deals with macro-level work issues. Within each of those sections, the first quarter focuses on basic concepts, while the quarter section deals with more applied topics.