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Shinjae Won

Doctoral Student

Contact Information

Address: 2052 SH-DH, 3620 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215) 898-1227
Office Fax: (215) 898-0401



"Essays on Hiring and Firm-Broker Dynamics in a Mediated Market for Senior Managers"

In my dissertation, I use unique proprietary data from an executive search firm to explore the competitive dynamics of the executive labor market in the United States, focusing on how firms make executive hiring decisions and how search firms shape the market for top executives. I explore whether the firms that lose employees as a consequence of the search are more or less likely to engage the search firm in the future (Study 1), the role of candidates’ past mobility and diversity of experience in shaping firms’ hiring decisions (Study 2), and how the composition of a slate of candidates for a given position affects which worker is ultimately selected (Study 3). 

Committee: Peter Cappelli (Wharton), Matthew Bidwell (Wharton), Lori Rosenkopf (Wharton), Isabel Fernandez-Mateo (London Business School)


Works in Progress

  • “Burning Bridges or Building them? The Effect of Third Party-Induced Employee Mobility on Client Relationship Formation” (Writing)
    • Nominee, SMS Best Conference Paper Prize for Practice Implications
  • “Career Mobility as a Mixed Signal in the Market for Senior Managers” (Writing)
  • “The Effect of Pool Characteristics on Candidate Selection” (Preliminary data analysis)
Conference Presentations
  • “I Used to Work at Goldman Sachs!”
    • 2012 Wharton-INSEAD Student Consortium, Fontainebleau
    • 2012 Strategic Management Society Meeting, Prague
    • 2012 European Group for Organizational Studies Colloquium, Helsinki
    • 2013 Trans-Atlantic Doctoral Consortium, London
    • 2013 Academy of Management Meeting, Orlando, FL
  • “Burning Bridges or Building them?”
    • 2014 Wharton-INSEAD Student Consortium, Fontainebleau
    • 2014 Strategic Management Society Meeting, Madrid
    • 2015 CCC Doctoral Consortium, New York 
    • 2015 Executive Search Information Exchange, New York  (practitioner conference)
    • 2015 Academy of Management Meeting, Vancouver (scheduled)
  • “Career Mobility as a Mixed Signal”
    • 2015 Labor and Employment Relations Association Annual Meeting
    • 2015 Executive Search Information Exchange, New York  (practitioner conference)
Awards and Fellowships
  • 2014     Strategic Management Society Best Conference Paper Prize for Practice Implications Nominee        
  • 2012     Best Reviewer Award, Careers Division of the Academy of Management                                           
  • 2012     Strategic Management Society Best Conference Paper Prize Finalist                                                     
  • 2015     Wharton Risk Center Russell Ackoff Doctoral Student Fellowship Award Recipient
  • 2014     Northrop-Grumman Fellowship Recipient 
  • 2014     Wharton Leadership Center Research Grant Recipient


A.B. in Economics with honors, Princeton University