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Shefali Patil

Doctoral Student

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  • Shefali Patil (Working), Shifting between the small details and big picture: How structural incongruity enhances decisions to conform or deviate. .  Abstract
  • Shefali Patil, Philip Tetlock, Barbara Mellers (Under Review), Accountability systems and distributive justice norms: When do people adhere too much or stray too far from decision rules? .
  • Shefali Patil (Under Revision), Adapting too little – or too much: Accountability and values as converging-countervailing structural forces..
  • Philip Tetlock, Ferdinand Vieider, Shefali Patil, Adam Grant (2013), Accountability and ideology: When left looks right and right looks left, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 122, 22 - 35.  
  • Adam Grant, Shefali Patil (2012), Challenging the norm of self-interest: Minority influence and transitions to helping norms in work units, Academy of Management Review, 37: 547-568.    Abstract
  • Shefali Patil, Ferdinand Vieider, Philip Tetlock, "Process and outcome accountability". In Oxford Handbook of Public Accountability, edited by Mark Bovens, Robert E. Goodin, Thomas Schillemans, (2012).  Abstract
  • Nancy Rothbard, Shefali Patil, "Being there: Work engagement and positive organizational scholarship". In Handbook of Positive Organizational Scholarship, edited by K. Cameron, G. Spreitzer, (2010).