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Justin Berg

Doctoral Student

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  • Adam Grant, Justin Berg, Daniel Cable (2013), Job titles as identity badges: How self-reflective titles can reduce emotional exhaustion, Academy of Management Journal, Forthcoming.    Abstract
  • Ariane Ollier-Malaterre, Nancy Rothbard, Justin Berg (2013), When worlds collide in cyberspace: How boundary work on online social networks impacts professional relationships, Academy of Management Review, 38 (4).    Abstract
  • Justin Berg, Adam Grant, Victoria Johnson (2010), When callings are calling: Crafting work and leisure in pursuit of unanswered occupational callings, Organization Science, 21(5): 973-994.    Abstract
  • Justin Berg, Jane Dutton, Amy Wrzesniewski (2010), Perceiving and responding to challenges in job crafting at different ranks: When proactivity requires adaptivity, Journal of Organizational Behavior, 31(2-3): 158-186.    Abstract