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David Hsu

Richard A. Sapp Professor

Professor of Management

Research Interests: intellectual property rights, start-up innovation, strategies for commercializing technological innovation, venture capital

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  • MGMT235 - Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    The focus of this course is on analysis of the issues and options which must be faced in developing a successful technological venture and on the creation of a winning business plan. Particular attention is directed to the identification of technology-based venture opportunities, evaluation of technical feasibility and commericial potential, and planning for successful commercialization.

    MGMT235001  ( Syllabus

  • MGMT801 - Entrepreneurship

    There are two versions of MGMT 801 this fall, thought both teach the same foundation material in the Entrepreneurial Management program and have the schedules and content. However, the 10:30 sections are the SIMULATION sections. Just as in the other 801 classes, in the Simulation sections the final team project will involve developing a pitch for a new business (you can work across sections with groups doing the standard versions of 801), but you will also be playing the award-winning Looking Glass entrepreneurship simulation rather than doing individual reaction papers. The Looking Glass simulation is an intense and fun 3-week simulation that is played outside of class and gives you the chance to experience what running a startup company is like. The simulation takes more time during the three weeks it runs, thought total time commitments are the same across both class versions. MGMT 801 serves as both a stand-alone and as a preparatory course to those interested in writing and implementing a business plan (the subject of the semester-long course, MGMT 806).

    Format: Lectures and case discussions

    Requirements: Class participation, interim assignments, final project


  • MGMT939 - Seminar in Entrepreneural Innovation

    This quarter-length class explores topics in entrepreneurial innovation. While innovation management from the perspective of the industry incumbent is a relatively more established literature, our collective knowledge of entrepreneurial innovation is still emerging. This Ph.D. class draws primarily on the smaller literature focused on entrepreneurial innovation while placing the discussion within the context of the larger literature on incumbent innovation management.

    MGMT939001  ( Syllabus