Photo of Johannes M Pennings

Johannes M Pennings

Marie and Joseph Melone Professor Emeritus of Management

Research Interests: human and social capital as sources of competitive advantage, innovation and evolutionary theory, technological trajectories

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  • Johannes M Pennings, Anindya Ghosh (Working), It Takes Two to Tangle: Leadership and Survival of Entreprenurial Firms in a Contested technology Sector, SMS Conference, Madrid..
  • Anindya Ghosh, Johannes M Pennings (Working), When Deference Hurts: Technology space activity and Failure.    Abstract
  • Sheen Levine, Johannes M Pennings (Working), What You See Is Not What You Get: Product Architecture and Corporate Strategy.    Abstract
  • Anindya Ghosh, Johannes M Pennings (Working), Status as Liability for Knowledge Brokers: A study of inter-firm relationship in a convergent field.    Abstract