Photo of Olivier Chatain

Olivier Chatain

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: competitive strategy, formal models applied to business strategy

Links: CV, Google Scholar Profile, Selected Works

  • Olivier Chatain, Cooperative and Non-Cooperative Game Theory  Description
  • Olivier Chatain (Under Revision), Estimating Value Creation from Revealed Preferences: Application to Value-Based Strategy.
  • Olivier Chatain, Philipp Meyer-Doyle (Under Revision), How Do Firms Match Their Capabilities to Tasks? Evidence From M&A.
  • Olivier Chatain, P. Zemsky (2011), Value Creation and Value Capture with Frictions, Strategic Management Journal, 32 (11), 1206 - 1231.  Abstract
  • Olivier Chatain (2010), Value Creation, Competition and Performance in Buyer-Supplier Relationships, Strategic Management Journal, 32 (1), 76 - 102.    Abstract
  • “Frictions, Rivalry, and the Emergence of Heterogeneity,” 69th Academy of Management Annual Metting
  • L. Capron, Olivier Chatain (2008), Competitors’ Resource-Oriented Strategies: Acting upon Competitors’ Resources thro.ugh Interventions in Factor Markets and Political Markets, Academy of Management Review, 33(1) 97-121.    Abstract
  • Olivier Chatain, P. Zemsky (2007), The Horizontal Scope of the Firm: Organizational Tradeoffs versus Buyer-Supplier Relationships., Management Science, 53 (4) 550-565.    Abstract
  • "Extracting Value from Client Relationships: Expertise and Cross-Selling in the UK Legal Market," 67th Academy of Management Annual Meeting