Research Papers / Publications

  • Nicole Rosenkranz, R. Sydler, G. von Krogh (Working), Great Minds Think Alike: Idiosyncratic Behavior Amongst Companies in Biopharma Clusters.
  • Dirk Martignoni, Nicolaj Siggelkow (Working), When it Pays to be Neurotic or to Have Blind Spots: The Value of Understanding External and Internal Contingencies.
  • Nicole Rosenkranz, M. Tempelaar (Working), Peering Underneath the Multiple Hats of the Boundary-Spanner – Role Identities and the Transition Between Them.
  • Prithwiraj Choudhury (Working), Seeking Resources or Seeking Knowledge? A Study of Mobility and Knowledge Creation Using Micro Data.  Abstract
  • Prithwiraj Choudhury (Working), Return Migration and Distributed R&D in Multinationals – a Study Using Micro Data.  Abstract
  • Raffi Amit, C. Zott (Under Review), Business Model Innovation: Creating Value in Times of Change.    Abstract
  • Anindya Ghosh, Johannes M Pennings (Working), When Deference Hurts: Technology space activity and Failure.    Abstract
  • Sheen Levine, Johannes M Pennings (Working), What You See Is Not What You Get: Product Architecture and Corporate Strategy.    Abstract
  • Robert J. Town, Douglas Wholey, Feldman Roger, Lawton R. Burns (Working), “The Welfare Consequences of Hospital Mergers”.