Research Papers / Publications

  • Rahul Kapoor, Thomas Klueter (Working), Decoding the Adaptability-Rigidity Puzzle: Evidence from Biopharmaceutical Incumbents’ Pursuit of Gene Therapy and Monoclonal Antibodies.  Abstract
  • Ron Adner, Rahul Kapoor (Working), Innovation Ecosystems and the Pace of Substitution: Re-examining Technology S-curves.  Abstract
  • Johannes M Pennings, Anindya Ghosh (Working), It Takes Two to Tangle: Leadership and Survival of Entreprenurial Firms in a Contested technology Sector, SMS Conference, Madrid..
  • Laura Huang (Working), On the Nature of Investor Gut Feel.
  • Ethan Mollick (Work In Progress), Homophily, Gender-Typing and Investor Activism in Crowdfunding.
  • Sarah E. Light, Eric W. Orts (Work In Progress), Theories of Environmental Regulation in a World of Public and Private Governance.
  • Ethan Mollick, Venkat Kuppuswamy (Working), When Firms are Potemkin Villages: Entrepreneurs and Formal Organizations.  Abstract
  • Ethan Mollick, Venkat Kuppuswamy (Working), After the Campaign: Outcomes of Crowdfunding.  Abstract