Research Papers / Publications

  • Harbir Singh, Patia McGrath (Under Review), Post-Acquisition Management.
  • Luis Ballesteros (Working), Lead, Follow, or Abstain: Economic Implications of Organizational Non-Market Strategy under High Uncertainty.  Abstract
  • Luis Ballesteros, Michael Useem (Working), Local versus Global Institutional Pressures: Organizational Imitation and Multinationality.  Abstract
  • Luis Ballesteros (Working), Markets as Clubs: A Study of the Role of Economic Reliance in Corporate Provision of Collective Goods .  Abstract
  • Yong Li, Sunhwang Gwon, Exequiel Hernandez (Under Review), Ethnic Communities, Informal Institutions, and Foreign Location Choice.  Abstract
  • Ethan Mollick, Alicia Robb (Under Review), Many Crowds, Many Fundings.