Field Application Project

Important Materials for MGMT 653 Students

Meeting Slides from January 15, 2009…General Info Meeting for FAP/MGMT 653

SharePoint LINK: FAP project descriptions

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SPRING 2018 FAP PROJECTS – Listed by Course #

MGMT 653-001 Laurel Road (Darien Rowayton Bank)
MGMT 653-002 Ampush
MGMT 653-003 Roche/Genentech
MGMT 653-004 On Lok
MGMT 653-005 Growth Capital Services
MGMT 653-006 National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME)
MGMT 653-007 CEO Connection
MGMT 653-008 American Red Cross
MGMT 653-009 CXCatalysts: Kalido New Markets/Expansion Strategy
MGMT 653-010 Dr. Ayala, LLC (Magic Spice)
MGMT 653-011 Askanya Chocolates
MGMT 653-012 Milestone Partners: Blaschak Coal Corp.
MGMT 653-013 Philadelphia Energy Authority
MGMT 653-014 ViVe
MGMT 653-015 Mütter Museum
MGMT 653-016 Aira
MGMT 653-017 Nisolo
MGMT 653-018 Sonoma County Winegroup Commission
MGMT 653-019 Syniverse
MGMT 653-020 Patties Foods
MGMT 653-021
MGMT 653-022 FS Financial Scholars program & BTW Program
MGMT 653-023 Wharton Club of NY
MGMT 653-024 UPstart Ventures
MGMT 653-025 ABD Group
MGMT 653-026 Product Development In Music: Strategic Planning to Bring Culture to Market
MGMT 653-027 BBBC (Brass Band of Battle Creek)
MGMT 653-028 Matt & Marie’s Italian Sandwiches
MGMT 653-029 Karat
MGMT 653-030 Mwayi
MGMT 653-031 Philadelphia Youth Basketball-Team 1/(Jeff Klein)
MGMT 653-032 Philadelphia Youth Basketball-Team 3/(Jeff Klein)
MGMT 653-033 Philadelphia Youth Basketball-Team 2/(Jeff Klein)

FALL 2017 FAP PROJECTS – Listed by Course #

MGMT 653-001 Laurel Road (Darien Rowayton Bank)
MGMT 653-002 SHI International Corp.
MGMT 653-003 Verizon Wireless
MGMT 653-004 Barneys NYC: Connor Digital App
MGMT 653-005 Spark Therapeutics
MGMT 653-006 Philadelphia Fashion Incubator: Janell Wysock Textiles
MGMT 653-007 Philadelphia Fashion Incubator: JJLondon/JJL Studios
MGMT 653-008 Philadelphia Fashion Incubator: Lillie
MGMT 653-009 Philadelphia Fashion Incubator: Lucy & Leo
MGMT 653-010 Philadelphia Fashion Incubator: Penrose Design Studio
MGMT 653-011 CXCatalysts: Kalido New Markets/Expansion Strategy
MGMT 653-012 The University Club/Planning Project
MGMT 653-013 Modell’s Sporting Goods
MGMT 653-014 American Red Cross
MGMT 653-015 Fabretto in Nicaragua with Preston Cline (Leadership)
MGMT 653-016 Elected Leadership Incubator with Jeff Klein (Leadership)
MGMT 653-017 Talent Lab/Assessment Center Launch with Lynn Krage (Leadership)
MGMT 653-018 Foyer de Sion
MGMT 653-019 Mwayi
MGMT 653-020 Kill_Kapture
MGMT 653-021 SiriusXM Channel 111
MGMT 653-022 Samsung Ventures (Team 1)/San Fran Campus
MGMT 653-023 Samsung Ventures (Team 2)/San Fran Campus
MGMT 653-024 Samsung Ventures/San Fran Campus