Field Application Project

Important Materials for MGMT 653 Students

Meeting Slides from January 15, 2009…General Info Meeting for FAP/MGMT 653

SharePoint LINK: FAP project descriptions

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SPRING 2020 FAP PROJECTS – Listed by Course #

MGMT 653-001 Samsung NEXT
MGMT 653-002 Firefly
MGMT 653-003 Sonoma Winegrape Commission
MGMT 653-004 Karat
MGMT 653-005 Patties Foods
MGMT 653-006 LIDS Sports Group
MGMT 653-007 Hacking4Defense: CSAT
MGMT 653-008 Hacking4Defense: USAF
MGMT 653-009 Financial Fellows
MGMT 653-010 Tucker Technologies
MGMT 653-011 CARE
MGMT 653-012 Nisolo
MGMT 653-013 Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA)
MGMT 653-014 CEO Connection
MGMT 653-015 CXCatalysts & FUNSEPA (Expansion Strategy)
MGMT 653-016 Youth Enrichment Programs, INC (YEP)
MGMT 653-017 Philadelphia Fashion Incubator: Gusa by Victoria (V Kageni Woodard)
MGMT 653-018 Saxbys
MGMT 653-019 Mütter Museum
MGMT 653-020 Fireman’s Hall Museum
MGMT 653-021 SportsSteps (w/ Rob DiGisi <LGST>)
MGMT 653-022 Sachs Program for Arts Innovation (Annenberg)
MGMT 653-023 Philadelphia Fashion Incubator: Prajjé Oscar
MGMT 653-024 The Lightstone Group (closed) 
MGMT 653-025 Verizon Wireless (closed) 
MGMT 653-026 Touchdown Ventures (closed)
MGMT 653-027 Samsung Ventures (San Fran)
MGMT 653-028 Samsung Ventures (San Fran)
MGMT 653-029 Samsung Ventures (San Fran)

FALL 2019 FAP PROJECTS – Listed by Course #

MGMT 653-001 Nisolo
MGMT 653-002 Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA)
MGMT 653-003 CEO Connection
MGMT 653-004 Futuro Verde/CXCatalysts (Closed)
MGMT 653-005 Philadelphia Fashion Incubator: Wear to Wall (S. Donelly)
MGMT 653-006 Philadelphia Fashion Incubator: Smart Adaptive Clothing (N. Connor)
MGMT 653-007 Philadelphia Fashion Incubator: JTL Designs
MGMT 653-008 Philadelphia Fashion Incubator: Gusa by Victoria (V Kageni Woodard)
MGMT 653-009 Fireman’s Hall Museum
MGMT 653-010 BookBoro
MGMT 653-011 American Red Cross (Engagement & Communications Strategy)
MGMT 653-012 American Red Cross (Quality Assurance & Training Business Review)
MGMT 653-013 CXCatalysts & Funsepa (Expansion Strategy)
MGMT 653-014 CXCatalysts & Mujer Sana (Growth Strategy)
MGMT 653-015 Flint Systems, Inc.
MGMT 653-016 PA Center for Dairy Excellence/Chester County China Initiative
MGMT 653-017 Modell’s Sporting Goods
MGMT 653-018 Youth Enrichment Programs, INC (YEP)
MGMT 653-019 Philadelphia Fashion Incubator: Prajje Oscar
MGMT 653-020 Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA)
MGMT 653-021 Michael Poll: leveraging new media in music
MGMT 653-022 Philadelphia Fashion Incubator: Pearce
MGMT 653-023 & 024 Samsung Ventures (SSF)
MGMT 653-025 & 026 Touchdown Ventures (SSF)
MGMT 653-027 Samsung NEXT (SSF)
MGMT 653-028 Firefly (SSF)