Field Application Project

Important Materials for MGMT 653 Students

Meeting Slides from January 15, 2009…General Info Meeting for FAP/MGMT 653

SharePoint LINK: FAP project descriptions

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FALL 2018 FAP PROJECTS – Listed by Course #

MGMT 653-001 Laurel Road
MGMT 653-002 Syniverse
MGMT 653-003 Philadelphia Energy Authority
MGMT 653-004 CEO Connection
MGMT 653-005 American Red Cross
MGMT 653-006 Mütter Museum
MGMT 653-007 Research/Evaluation-Early stage funding strategies for new Fashion e-commerce concept
MGMT 653-008 Colorectal Cancer Alliance
MGMT 653-009 Hope for Depression Research Foundation (HDRF)
MGMT 653-010 Wharton Executive Education
MGMT 653-011 Penn Purchasing & Emsco Scientific Enterprises
MGMT 653-012 Global Water Alliance/US EPA (Appalachia Regions Virginia & West Virginia)
MGMT 653-013 Global Water Alliance: India
MGMT 653-014 Univ. of PA: School of Veterinary Medicine (pricing project)
MGMT 653-015 Univ. of PA: School of Veterinary Medicine (supply chain project)
MGMT 653-016 GMO Crops for Dairy Farms
MGMT 653-017 PA Center for Dairy Excellence
MGMT 653-018 Naval Air Development Center (NADC) Johnsville
MGMT 653-019 CXCatalysts: Launching Equality Moonshot
MGMT 653-020 CXCatalysts: Scaling NanoGagliato
MGMT 653-021 CXCatalysts: Spinning out Smart Venues
MGMT 653-022 CXCatalysts: Accessing underutilized talent for Contract Wrangler
MGMT 653-023 Philadelphia Fashion Incubator: Madelange Laroche
MGMT 653-024 Philadelphia Fashion Incubator: Michael Thomas Originals
MGMT 653-025 Philadelphia Fashion Incubator: Truth Be Worn
MGMT 653-026 Philadelphia Fashion Incubator: Ann Luchade
MGMT 653-027 Philadelphia Fashion Incubator: My Little Gent
MGMT 653-028 Philadelphia Fashion Incubator: Harx4
MGMT 653-029 – 030 Samsung Ventures/SSF
MGMT 653-031 – 034 Touchdown Ventures/SSF

SPRING 2019 FAP PROJECTS – Listed by Course #