Field Application Project

Host Organization Responsibilities

We believe both host organizations and participating students will realize value from the program. To ensure that projects yield significant benefits for all participants, we ask that host organizations comply with the following:

  • Appoint an on-site contact person to help define project objectives, interact with faculty and team members, and facilitate access to the organization’s information and resources. Each team will appoint one student as the “team contact” with whom the host organization can communicate.
  • Ensure strong commitment and cooperation from all involved in the project.
  • Commit to participate in a project “Kick-Off” in September 2019 (Fall semester)/January 2020 (Spring semester) on campus, a Mid-Project Review in mid-October/mid-February, and a discussion of the team’s analysis on campus, at the conclusion of the project in December 2019/April-May 2020 (Spring semester).
  • Payment of reasonably incurred expenses for the project such as phone calls, copies of final presentation, as well as research materials and travel when necessary.
  • The Wharton School requests that host companies make a $10,000 donation to the Dean’s Discretionary Fund. This unrestricted support provides the Dean with the flexibility to apply vital financial resources where they are needed most at the School.
  • The Wharton School understands the need for confidentiality. As a matter of policy, disclosure of project information is restricted to students and faculty in the FAP course. When necessary, we provide a standard, University approved non-disclosure agreement (NDA).