Field Application Project

An important goal of Wharton’s innovative MBA program is to develop business leaders unconstrained by a single functional mentality that can integrate diverse functions, people, and institutions. One such vehicle to achieve this goal is the Field Application Project (FAP) – MGMT 653.

MGMT 653 is a program designed to integrate years of advanced study by Wharton MBA students, as they apply what they have learned to the problems of organizations in the community. The project begins with students making project selection in August (Fall semester)/October (Spring semester). The course in the Fall/Spring runs through early December/April-May. During this time, the student teams devote a total of approximately 200-300 hours conducting research and analysis in order to research a problem facing the host company. Each team is supervised by experienced Wharton faculty and a 2nd year MBA teaching assistant. The teams consist of 1-2 teams per project with 4-6 students per team. The project culminates in a detailed written analysis with action recommendations.

FAP develops students’ expertise at addressing and framing unstructured problems, for which a single set of techniques or conceptual lenses will not suffice. As a program, based on experience, FAP provides students the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in developing meaningful managerial action plans.

These types of projects test the quality of Wharton resources. They require Wharton faculty and students to first mobilize the necessary resources to gain knowledge and insights and then formulate and communicate the resulting strategic vision. Teams are composed of high-performing students led by a select group of Wharton faculty. A faculty course head meets regularly with the team, monitoring progress, directing students to additional Wharton resources, and integrating efforts across teams. Our strategic vision has earned us a reputation for creativity and analytic focus.